CAR LIFE department

HASEPRO products were born by specialized manufacture technologies. HASEPRO products change your favorite cars into more attractive form


Sheet product manufacture and distribute.

“MAGICAL CARBON” series produced by unique process technologies are the world first “Stick and Stretch CARBON”.
The special fiber “CARBON” developed by HASEPRO original technologies is the world first “Stretch Sheet”. Our CARBON SHEET is able to stick up on curved or uneven surface. CARBO SHEET has your car not only appear beautiful, but also protect superior against scratch or dust. It’s so amazing products that your favorite car is customized more premium and sportier.
As our certain quality and beautiful design are admitted, TOYOTA, SUBARU, MITSUBISHI, Volkswagen Japan have adopt MAGICAL CARBON products as genuine option parts.

After parts product and distribute

“MIRABEAU” series are our original brand for car body parts. Original design SHIFT LEVER and other exterior or interior parts for car dress-up are developed and distributed.
HASEPRO who has accumulated experience or wisdom of all cars can develop many dress-up parts for your favorite cars.

OEM parts products for automobile manufacture

HASEPRO supply OEM parts to many automobile manufacturers.
For our superior design and quality, TOYOTA, SUBARU, MITSUBISHI and Volkswagen Japan have adopted CARBON sheets as OEM genuine option parts.
Car dealers deliver and fit their parts to your favorite cars.

Secondhand car sales

HASEPRO sell our original demo cars which made use of HASEPRO products. We provide an only one specialized car with HASEPRO superior and certain technology. You can enjoy driving HASEPRO customized car.